About Mediation

Family Mediation has been around for many years now and is continuing to expand its role in resolving family disputes. We have for a long time supported its use, as it is invaluable in helping separated parties reach sensible, workable agreements,  whilst maintaining amicable relations with each other.  This is particularly crucial where children are involved.

We have close links with local mediators to whom we regularly refer our clients. We also liaise with mediators when clients need to see us for legal advice during mediation, and when agreement is reached, record this in a legally-binding format, particularly in financial cases.

Mediation is not compulsory, but if proceedings are anticipated (for child disputes or financial orders), the applying party has to show they have attended a MIAM – Mediation Information & Assessment Meeting.  This is now essential, save in urgent cases or where the applicant meets strict criteria that would render mediation inappropriate.  In all other cases there are now sections on the court application forms that the mediator is required to sign off before proceedings can be issued.

Mediators can receive referrals directly from clients, and legal aid is still available to cover their costs, subject to satisfying eligibility criteria.

If you would like more information about family mediation we would recommend browsing the Family Mediators Association website: http://www.thefma.co.uk

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