Initial Appointments

Fixed fee 30 minutes – £75 (including VAT)

These sessions are available to gain an overview of your case and help you explore your options.  We will take down relevant details about your case and provide information about the processes we would recommend you follow.   We are not able to provide specific advice at this appointment.  We will retain in secure storage the notes we take for up to 6 years in case you may want to return to us, but after which time these will be destroyed.

We do have a card payment machine to make it easier for you to pay, and we will send you a receipted invoice.

Longer appointments

Should you need longer, we would charge for the actual amount of time we spent with you and for any follow-up work, including written advice.  We will inform you at our meeting what hourly rate will apply.  At this stage we would need to comply with money laundering regulations and will require from you two forms of ID (to include photo and confirmation of address).

See our terms and conditions of business for more information

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