Property and finances

When a relationships breaks down, financial arrangements need to be addressed.  It is always better if agreement can be reached as soon as possible, to give you certainty about your financial position and help plan for your future.  There are many questions you may have such as:

    • What will happen to the family home?
    • How will I afford the bills?
    • What about financial help for the children?
    • What am I entitled to?
    • What about pensions?

At Acorn Family Law, our skilled and experienced lawyers can assist in negotiating and reaching a solution for you.  We do actively encourage mediation during this process, as this can be a cost effective way of dealing with matters.   Legal aid is still available for mediation, so we suggest you do ask your mediator to see if you qualify.  You should also bear in mind that mediators cannot give legal advice, but are very experienced in help both sides reach an effective compromise.

Where a referral to mediation is made, we can advise you at key stages, in particular, once you and your ex have exchanged all your financial paperwork (called ‘disclosure’).   Should the mediator be able to help you agree matters, they will prepare a Memorandum of Understanding.  At that stage we can see you again to consider this.  If you are married and a divorce is underway, you can have this incorporated into a legally binding document called a ‘consent order‘.  We can prepare this and the supporting forms for you, which once approved and signed by both sides, is sent to the court for approval and sealing.

If, despite our best efforts, matters cannot be resolved,  then we can advise and assist in connection with proceedings for financial relief and represent you at court hearings.  Although we will strongly advocate on your behalf, we will make every effort to manage your case as cost-efficiently as possible.

We are able to advise and assist in cases concerning financial orders within divorce, co-habitee disputes, pre and post-nuptial agreements.  We offer competitive hourly rates and are happy to tailor our service to suit your circumstances and budget.

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If you would like to discuss any concerns you have about any family financial issues, then please call us on 01908 410301.  We are happy to offer you a fixed fee appointment so you can explore your options in more detail.
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